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Hide details for  6.0.4 6.0.4
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
MQUE5W3PV4Fix for migrating international characters in the body of Microsoft Outlook HTML messages. Prior to this fix, reoccurring information might have...
Hide details for ClustersClusters
KWON4T3NPCThis fix helps to avoid constant overwrites of cluster names and server names in the cluster cache when names get recycled within the cache. One of...
Hide details for Mail MigrationMail Migration
JFRN5PF5BEFixed a Notes client crash which occurred when migrating a specific repeating calendar entry from a user's mailbox on a Microsoft Exchange Server. ...
Hide details for MigrationMigration
LCHE5QJRJ5Assignment information within a Group Task is now migrated correctly from Microsoft Exchange.
EPRS5CTS3WTask Requests/Todo's are now displayed on the correct form after migration.
JPUT4N4S9HFixed user type when migrating personal folders. User type was being set as "Server" and now is "Person". This has been fixed in 6.0.4, 6.5.1 and...
EPRS5DDSBFFixed a problem where invitations were not showing up in the Inbox and sent invitations were showing up in the Sent folder.
PESA4CDQF2Fix for cancellation notices to repeating meeting not processing after migration.
PESA4CLR8EMigration of Outlook users from Exchange does not work properly with some of the Outlook monthly recurrent options. This has been fixed in...
LCHE5TTPGRFixed an error when opening workflow notices for repeating meetings. The error displayed appointments changed to all-day events.
TMEN5M3EPXFixed a problem where cancellallation notices to repeating meeting were not processed after migration.
DTER5UWCKMFixed a problem where Microsoft Outlook folders were lost after migration. This regression was introduced in 6.5.1.
PESA58MPN7Fixed problems migrating a meeting from Microsoft Outlook. Prior to this fix, only the first attendee was migrated, and the field name...
LSPR5XRVAWMessages no longer appear with an envelope and padlock after migration.
MQUE5VDLQNFixed a problem where a migrated Microsoft Outlook repeating meeting still had instances that were rescheduled.
MQUE5V8S26Fixed a problem where a JPEG in the body of a Memo was lost after Migrating to Domino.
PESA5AZLPJFixed a problem where migrated meetings from Microsoft Outlook displayed the start time as GMT, even though GMT was not specified.
JCAL5UAMRXFixed a problem where an Invitee who had not accepted a meeting before migration received a reschedule and an invitation.
HCUS5DEQBWThis has been fixed as a result of code submitted to address a similar problem with the migration of Inbox subfolders.
MQUE5VZQ93Fixed a problem where a Microsoft Outlook meeting category was not migrated to Domino.
Hide details for NT IntegrationNT Integration
MROE5QNJZVThe Notes Single Logon will process OS password changes that happen during login when passwords are expiring.
YSAI5PY5TYThe Notes client will now cause a windows logoff to occur when @commands are used to change the OS password.
Hide details for Server AdministrationServer Administration
PAZR5RWKVFFixed a BCC field problem with remotely journalled messages. where headers were removed. When delivering a message to a mail file, the router will...


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